Monday, August 30, 2010

Preperations for any sor of disaster

I am paranoid. So paranoid in fact, that I have a bank account solely for the purpose of buying equipment to survive the apocalypse. If my camera was working, I would show you the stuff I've put $5000USD into, including a concrete, sound-proof tower, three years of army rations, a pedal-powered generator, a water condenser, ten five gallon jugs of water, and enough medicine to stock a small pharmacy. The most expensive thing I have bought is a solar panel and a bunch of batteries that I had installed inside the tower. I paid the workers about $200 extra so they would show me how to fix it if it broke in different situations. I'm finally coming to a point where I feel more secure about having the tower, and even if I didn't make it to the spot, someone else might make good use of it in my eternal absence.


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